David Husom — Fine Art Documentary Photography

David Husom is a documentary photographer specializing in the vernacular and cultural landscape of America. As a Wisconsin and Minnesota based photographer, Husom has traveled the back roads of the Midwest extensively. But in addition he has photographed in nearly every state in the US, as well as in Canada, Asia, Europe and recently in Australia. His work has been in over 150 exhibits from California to Maine and is included in major museum collections.

A number of his past and recent projects are available here, as well as links to previous exhibits and publications available of his work. His work from 1978 until 2006 was primarily shot with large format 4X5 color film and a view camera. That work is represented here by three series of works: Fairgrounds, Shimoda Japan, and Rivertowns. In addition a 1982 slide show of David and Ann-Marie's trip around the world, originally shown at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis and Film in the Cities in St. Paul is represented here by a travel journal called Postcard Journal.

In 2010 he started shooting with a high resolution DSLR and did the Highway 35 project. He took a break from digital in 2012 to do a series with a 35mm twin lens reflex camera made from a Japanese kit called a Gakkenflex. That work is represented here by the Gakkenflex Windows & Windows series. He returned to a DSLR in 2013, this time a 36 megapixel camera and began a new series of large scale panoramas. That work is represented here by the Rivers and Deserts series.

He left the ground behind in 2017 and started using a unmanned aerial vehicle camera (UAV or drone). Like much of his previous work from the past 18 years in this new work he explores the Mississippi River valley in the Driftless Area of the small towns and river bluff landscapes that line the river. That work is the Upper Mississippi River project.

In addition to film and digital photography he has worked in film and video. Some of his video projects are located Here.





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